Top 4 Things You Don’t Know About New Low Flow Toilets

In 1992 the USA convenes the latest low flow waste removal regulations. With new regulations comes new awareness for energy conservation in sinks and toilets. carrots for support to keep water consumption and consumption at low levels require improvements to new toilets and sinks. With the incentives in place for manufacturers, water and sewer bills […]

Facing the Facts About Common Kitchen Home Renovations

Whenever homeowners begin thinking of home renovation projects, one of the first things that they think of is going to be cost. We are all concerned about it, as well as rightfully so. After all, home renovations are not cheap and unless you’re fairly wealthy, you probably have two or three projects going on at […]

How to Create Rice Paper Art

Rice paper art is an excellent way to weather proof, enhance and in some cases, preserve your artwork. The art paper is easy to work with and can be coated in a sealer so it doesn’t fade. It is best when working with this art paper. Normally you would use a non porous art paper […]