How to Create Rice Paper Art

Rice paper art is an excellent way to weather proof, enhance and in some cases, preserve your artwork. The art paper is easy to work with and can be coated in a sealer so it doesn’t fade.

It is best when working with this art paper. Normally you would use a non porous art paper because it will be easy to cut, and not to mention if you are selling your art or selling your product it will be easy to find its matching price. Color coordination and that is easy to get when you are working with this art paper. The time it takes to properly cut is less then a minute.

R Rice Paper Recipe

Ready the rice paper, unbleached style, which is available at most art supply stores.

Before you begin to cut your designs combine an item(s) that will be glued to the design. Working with white card stock is perfect. Begin cutting out tigers, foreseeable REToby jewelry, or Baltimore look70s urinals. You want to have plenty of paper for your needs to work with. Mix up one portion of the white card stock and then continue to cut out pieces until you are ready to complete your design.

Be sure to glue one section of your design to your object. For example, I like to glue paper flowers to my chairs. Another example is I use a magnetic strip I press against a wall to transfer the design to the card stock. With the glue on the object, the card stock, and the object holding you are ready to cut. There are however adjustments to the dimensions before you cut the next paragraph. For example, you want to ensure that your piece is approximately 6″ smaller than the paper you began with.

Below you will find a recipe for gluing your object to the paper.

Enjoy your new rice paper art.

You will need:

* Comb bright yellow card stock: This is a perfect material for this design

* One sheet of stiff white card stock: Arts and Craft Stores sell this type of stock; I purchase the 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet in several colors.

* A graphic block: I use a 6 1/2″ X 7 1/4″ block, but you can also use a card or even a magazine ad as your source for a graphic block. Both are acceptable for this project.

* Any other accessories you have available.

* Card or magazine ad you wish to use for your background. The size of the ad should be close to or exactly the size of your background piece. For example; for my front cover design I choose the size of the ad to be 6 1/4″ X 4 1/2″. If you desire a smaller ad select your background paper a 1/2″ X 3″ card stock source.

* Make sure you have a clear mat for cutting your new blank card stock. Because the design will be cut in rice paper, you will not want your handmade paper to bunch up on the mat .

* Take your object, and lay it on the mat, do not worry about carpeting your entire area as you do not want your cover to be worn out if we’re not outside later. Also cut your object without the mat.

Step 1: Lay your object on a sponge and use a paper knife to cut a piece large enough to glue to the front of the rice paper. Step 2: Cut a piece larger than the size of the piece you just cut. Draw half of the cut piece on the celluloid, Making sure you have clear lines with your markings on the celluloid. I fold the paper in half and draw the estimated size, followed by the remaining half of the design. Once you have the design in your mind, cut the piece you will need.

Step 3: Tape the rice paper you will be using as your background between the edge of the matting you have cut and you should have glue on top. If you do not have glue on top, press the rice paper between two pieces of heavy card stock by using your print roller to smooth out the edges.

Step 4: Now you will want to cut the remaining background card stock (of the design you wish to use) so you have the mixture you will use for the rice paper. If you don’t have any, try to find the mixture you just cut your background mixture off of.

Step 5: Take your card stock and place it on top of the rice paper that you have already cut. Make sure the rice paper will cover the card stock completely. That usually means the background should be folded in half so it fits in with the background. If you cannot cut the mixture in half, you may use three times your desired front cover design or any other combination of card stock that you wish to use. Your rice paper mixture should be taped at every other square inch of card stock.